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The Wasteland: In Pictures

The Wasteland: In Pictures

Hey to the readers having a quick peak at this page.

As you can see, this is a gallery of several screenshots I took while playing a certain game. That game, is Fallout 3. With the emphasis on realism now, with the mods applied to the game that I blogged about earlier on in the history of this blog, The Capital Wasteland have never looked more appealing to take screenshots of as it does now. Various types of screens have been taken: Civil (Colonised/Garrisoned neutral or friendly areas- towns, colonies, camps etc…), Wild (Peaceful exploration of the Wastes and it’s contents- landmarks, ruins, praire etc…) and Combat (I would imagine that this is self-explanatory- heh heh)

NOTE: This game I used to take these screens is, indeed, Fallout 3. Bethesda own the license to the game, which makes the game their property and all of it’s content therefore. However, these screenshots, although made of the game, have been made by me, so the pictures are my property and do not reflect on the quality of Bethesda title (although, I would imagine that they make the game look pretty good *wink*). So, remember: game used is Bethesda’s property, the screenshots are mine– just to be clear on that.

So, onto the pictures… click on the next page to see them.


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