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Perspective: Zombieland

Date: 18/10/2009
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers

I’m sure by now anyone who’s into zombie films, games or just zombies in general will be aware of this new film that has only just recently been released in the last week: Zombieland. Those very same people would have probably watched it in the first couple of days, but I only came about watching it due to going out with a friend. I’m not really a fan of zombie films, you see. However, I actually came away from this film with the sense of a good watch and definite answer of a “film you should definitely watch if you’re zombie fan and for anyone who likes a bit of action-comedy every so often.” So, why should you go to see this film then? (more…)


Studios Killed The Indie Star

Author: Xercies

Date: 31/08/09

WiseAss Thinkers

I recently watched Moon this week which is a great little indie film directed by Duncan Jones and the main actor in it is Sam Rockwell. I’m not talking about the film in this article but I do have to say I recommend it whole heartedly. Anyway to watch this film I had to go to a 9:00 clock showing which is the only thing they had over 4 days or something like that. It actually surprised me that my cinema got it at all, usually with these films you have to go to London to watch them. And this got me thinking in how Indie Films aren’t really been catered to anyone without going through many hoops, and that’s just the ones that go to cinema. There are many that interest me that don’t actually get into the cinema or on DVD and it gets tough not to go to any more disrespectful means to watch them even if I can watch them there. (more…)