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I don’t get this thing with “emo” music

Date: 14/11/2008
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers

Hey, been awhile, but I was musing on a subject which seems to be a bit of pop culture taboo… (more…)


Perspective: Zombieland

Date: 18/10/2009
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers

I’m sure by now anyone who’s into zombie films, games or just zombies in general will be aware of this new film that has only just recently been released in the last week: Zombieland. Those very same people would have probably watched it in the first couple of days, but I only came about watching it due to going out with a friend. I’m not really a fan of zombie films, you see. However, I actually came away from this film with the sense of a good watch and definite answer of a “film you should definitely watch if you’re zombie fan and for anyone who likes a bit of action-comedy every so often.” So, why should you go to see this film then? (more…)

Posts on Weekend

Hey there to all.

Apologies for not posting more frequently, but due to my work schedule and the time I have between this blog and it’s sister blog Post-Apocolyptia, college work, modding and general stuff so I won’t be posting much until the weekends. If you want a quick look at my current thoughts, head over here

However, between Saturday to Monday, I will most definitely be posting up an article. I guess you could call it your 1 or 2 a week, if you want. And yes, I still have ideas about the posts, so don’t you worry- they didn’t invent paper for nothing, you know. (I still write down notes, yes and I’m aware that this is the “information” age…)

Some of you who read more of Xercies articles might have noticed that they’ve not been posting much recently. That’s due to their slightly weepy, but still great-to-see-them-succeed move over to university to study, what I believe is something to do with computer modelling and computer animation- but hopefully soon, they’ll be able fill you in on that, if they choose to do so. But yes, eventually, Xercies may post something up, so don’t worry too much for those who liked his real good article on the plight of the movie industry and indie films.

So yes, don’t worry, this blog is not dead, but because of time constraints, it’s now going to be more a 1 or 2 days week thing at the weekends than every other day-ish. Right, I’m off and I’d quickly like to thank those who have read our blog and we hope you had fairly cool read at it all and maybe a laugh or two? But yeah, thanks guys and we’ll see ya at the weekends


P.S Also worth of note are the amount of readers seemed to jump from the usual number range to quite a large spike on account of the men who are already taken so they get more women post. Heh heh, I wonder why that could be, eh?

A bit too much Facebook

Date: 26/09/2009
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers
Short Thought

Image taken from http://www.uis.edu/

Image taken from http://www.uis.edu/

Ok, ok. So, “Facebook” is a bit of silly name. I mean, you’re not going to literally put your face in a book- although considering the kinds of people who use these soc-nets, I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyhow, yesterday I was in the process of writing up some more of an assignment handed to me during the lecture, when I saw an acquaintance in the lecture sitting next to me log on onto Facebook. (more…)

So, women really do want the fellas who’ve been taken?

While reading an interesting brief article on the difference in how the sexual psychology of how male and female minds work in a back copy of a Science/Technology magazine – which I promise was just about the science, I came to realise something. The speculation – even though it was “we knew it all along” kind of speculation – of that very same brief article was (more…)

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