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I don’t get this thing with “emo” music

Date: 14/11/2008
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers

Hey, been awhile, but I was musing on a subject which seems to be a bit of pop culture taboo… (more…)


Beta Testing: Fallen Earth

Author: Xercies
Date: 21/08/2009
WiseAss Thinkers

So a a new MMO beta test has come out for Fileplanet account holders, this new MMO is called Fallen Earth and I’m here to give my initial thoughts on the game from just playing the tutorial. I may write some more as i go along playing the game or I may stop playing it and these are my only thoughts. But before I do that you will want some information on the game and maybe a link to this Beta.

Fallen Earth is a post-apocolyptic MMO shooter, and if that sounds like a weird mash up well it is. It is set in the future or another planet, its not entirily clear which where the Human race has been ravaged by something and are living in a post apocolyptic wasteland. Maybe. Since I’ve only played a bit and none of that I ever saw the surface world so I’m only¬†guessing here that there might be a wasteland for all I know you can’t go there and you can only explore undeground.

If you want to try the beta yourself go here.


Anyway on with the impressions (more…)