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Perspective: Zombieland

Date: 18/10/2009
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers

I’m sure by now anyone who’s into zombie films, games or just zombies in general will be aware of this new film that has only just recently been released in the last week: Zombieland. Those very same people would have probably watched it in the first couple of days, but I only came about watching it due to going out with a friend. I’m not really a fan of zombie films, you see. However, I actually came away from this film with the sense of a good watch and definite answer of a “film you should definitely watch if you’re zombie fan and for anyone who likes a bit of action-comedy every so often.” So, why should you go to see this film then? (more…)


The Rise of Action, The Death of Everything Else

Date: 16/09/09

Author: Xercies

WiseAss Thinkers

Ever since the success of consoles like the Xbox and Xbox 360 with their action games like Halo and Gears of War I have noticed something changing to the Gaming Industry pretty much everywhere in the way games are advertised and play now a days. It kind of disturbs me and that change is that a lot of stuff is mostly singling on action and killing people. There is pretty much no room for slower or strategic games in this marketplace any more it seems. That saddens me. (more…)