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Hey guys and gals.

This is my little thought page where I keep my recent thoughts and some long-term ones stored here for you guys to have a look at if you so wish. I may even put pics in here from time to time, but it’ll probably turn out to be a just one big list.

Fallout 3 Modding: Hmmm…. it’s like, the editor is quite easy and fairly intutive- assuming you’ve used world/level editors before. It comes as a comprehensive package: NPCs, Landscape, Objects, AI, Items, Scripts and more, can all be edited within it. Making a few changes, adding stuff in and even trying to make a proper mod is not really that hard. I put a bit of effort in, out of curiosity and for a bit of fun; and lo and behold, now the mucking around has turned into a useable add-on that I can use to help me out in battle, a la NPC companion style. Any of you readers have thoughts on a name for an NPC companion/bodyguard mod?

Microsoft recently announced an apprenticeship scheme that will allow young, upcoming and budding busy bodies to learn about everybody’s “favourite” *blergh* Operating System, encompassing everything there is really to know about it and to gain a certification that shows others – and maybe potential employeers – that you can use a Windows-installed PC. This is a double-edged sword. First, Microsoft are doing their usual thing they’ve been doing for the last half-decade, of trying to monopolise on all aspects of the PC, computers and technology in general- although that sound “really” unfair. Second, it will probably turn out to be a worthwhile investment if you are planning to go into a career in IT at the “High Skills” level: programming, databases, Systems Management and so on and so forth.

I’m also thinking that’s it about time they got on the ball and started to roll down hill with others. I’m looking at you ECDL and A+ and all those guys…

Things you should never do:

– Call a Scottish person a “scotch”, instead of a Scot. Do not do this, as they will hurt you very badly- remember, they are redhaired and as such, are more likely to become very “redheaded” very quickly if offended. Just think of Alex Salmond for a minute and you’ll probably see the picture quite soon- if not for the daises being your new buddies…

– Ask a Gynacologist where you can get some yeast. Just don’t…

– Impersonate Fidel Castro in a neo-capitalist, bankers and traders meeting. If you do, prepare for CIA intervention…

– Say that Russia “actually” messed up Afganistan with the arms trading in the Cold War. Let the anti-war and America haters have their fun. It’s their only real pleasure in life…

– Never miff off a young, fiesty, unpredictable woman withouth due precaution and care to wear safety padding.

I implore everyone to read this book: the book . I’ve read it several times now and it still makes me chuckle from when it used to make me laugh out loud. Bill Bryson, the author of this book, is a very good observationalist and has a certain droll, satrical humour to his writing. The book remains consistently funny and is a very decent read- some of the better writing I have ever read and – cheekily – listened to. I’ve read excerpts of it but I prefer the spoken version I have on MP3, seeing as I prefer to listen to the book and not read- yes, I’m that lazy but I listened to it the whole way through, so there…

This man is absolutely insane- but he's almost always right when it comes to the diagnosis, so yeah...

This man is absolutely insane- but he's almost always right when it comes to the diagnosis, so yeah... --- Image taken from http://l.yimg.com/l/tv/us/img/site/34/18/0000043418_20070925144552.jpg


Big Brother style voyer-fests seem very in these days. These girls just happened to be part of the most prominent example of it that many of the web denizens and possibly some people who are always up on the news will be aware of as well. To me, I think that they somehow deserve it. They probably didn’t do a proper check on the person who offered the chance to them. They probably didn’t check to see if it was popular show or if there was an actual site or some other form of identification of the show. It is also highly probable that didn’t check out the fine print and ask some questions about the contract they were entering into or that of who was screening the show. Some readers may think that’s harsh, but it is well-known that people all over the world compete in these style shows for some kind of monetary gain while acting like children inside the “house” and trying to be a “personality”. Well, if you’ve got a half-dozen or so early-mid 20’s Turkish chicks going about their day, casually leaning over as thought they’re not aware of what they’re doing and that they’re on camera, then I’m suitably statisfied that they got was coming to them…

While browsing the very magnificent, technological superium that is the Internets, I came across some music from a game I got awhile back. The game’s name is Bully (touching, isn’t it?) and is a surprisingly half-decent game that gets the freeformity right with non-linearness. Since this is a Rockstar Games game, I’m not surprised that much. Anyway, here’s the tracks:

Greasers Clique:
Jocks Clique:
Preppies Clique:

A great little program was on the telly last night. It was about the tense, titanic battle between the two biggest men in the computing world and their respective companies: Sir Clive Sinclair and his Sinclair Computers and Chris Curry (a former employee and prodigy to Sinclair) and his Acorn Computers.

Anyway, here’s the link.

Watch it quick, though, as it’ll be finished in it’s operating run very soon. In couple of days to be precise…


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