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Getting Down With The Thinkers

Getting Down With The Thinkers

Hey, Guys and Girls. Welcome to the main part of Wiseass Thinkers, where we put our thoughts on the world straight up to you, served on the rocks with a slice of lime and a good cupful of assorted opinion, in “sweet” and “sour” varieties- heh heh.

So whaddya wanna look at, eh? The “politically-correct” ramblings of squadiee’s thoughts on UK and World politics in general, spliced with some thoughts on the current social and societal situations we’re faced with in the modern day?

Maybe you wanna take it easy, with a few light-hearted word trips from pungphooie where he puts in the kickass into gear for anyone who disagrees with his side of fence- with a bit of stuff to with Japan, Anime and Gaming as well?

Maybe you just want to read some sardonic bites on the current state of affairs of the world, a bit a to do on the lastest  experiences of an eccentric life  and some other stuff to do with all that higgledepickledy of gaming in the Oldschool sense and how it was “so much better then”? Then dexjackson is your bag, most assuredly so!

You might even want to hear about the technical side of things with computers and gadgets, including programming and modding and all that stuff to do with computer geekery- and maybe some stuff to do with the nerdy side of life, hm?

And if you are interested in the current state of world – especially with reagards to policies, government, economies and so forth – then maybe xercies is your bag? Who knows, there even be some stuff to do with the current trends in gaming, art and animation…

Hey, we’re not sure what you want to look at. In fact, we can’t really class ourselves as being techno nerds, politics know-alls, Japan crazies, or even society “correctors”. Even more, we talk about pretty much about anything that comes to mind, but even so; you can bet that somehow, in someway, at some point the thought will be related to the general themes of our little corners.

So yeah, have a look, see what take your fancy and if you want, leave a comment on our posts to tell your own thoughts on the post’s topic of interest. Who knows, you might even get a whole new subject started up for the whole blog and maybe even other readers?


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