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About Us, eh?

So you want to know about us? The brains behind WiseAss Thinkers, the people behind the writing, the way in which we blend expert opinion and knowledge of all WiseAss things in this world with sublime and dry humour and sophisticated writing, eh?

Well, for one thing, we’re not brainy, we’re not “people” and we’re certainly not experts or knowledgeable on anything or anything related to anything, much less are we sublime and humorous writers who can write like the guys who did the English classics- no way do we come close to that!

We are, however, a fairly small group of young adults who have a will to write and opinions to share on everything that we can be WiseAsses about. In other words, we’re young, disgruntled, opinionated, educated – as far as public education goes – and ready and willing to tell it all like it really is. You’ll be dammed if we ever use political correctness, sychophantic banter, cheap commentary or otherwise silly little bits of chit-chat in our posts- that’s for sure!

We’re a mad bunch we are. Doing insane things, writing inane and down-to-earth thoughts – which might attract the attention of the 50ft president, but we’ll keep quiet about that, you and us – as well as generally observing the world we see around us and, we guess, making it out as how we see it working out so far.  You didn’t think we were called WiseAss Thinkers for nothing, did you?

So yeah, that’s us pretty much summed up. There’s nothing really much more to say except we hope that you have a “interesting” experience reading up on our ever-so-often thoughts, learn a bit about another world to yours and maybe have a quick chuckle or two while you’re here. Ok then, well, we better be getting back to the think tank. We’ve got a few “choice” words to say about the world right now and we’ll be dammed if we… errhh… errm… what was it again? Damm, someone unplug the tank, please?


The wiseasses behind WiseAss Thinkers


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