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I don’t get this thing with “emo” music

Date: 14/11/2008
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers

Hey, been awhile, but I was musing on a subject which seems to be a bit of pop culture taboo…

That taboo is what is known as “emo” music. For those that do not know, “emo” music (emo = emotionally immense; full of overpowering emotion; inappropriate levels of sadness or angst aganist any particular person, group or object of interest) is a general term for music that is looked at and seen as such for being very adolenscent in nature- almost “angry teen” like? To make this clearer, emo music is usually built up of angsty and fustrated lyircs, with dark undertones and bluesy feel to them about the topic of the song- if there is one, that is. However, for a good long while now — over half a decade now, almost any song that has any one of these themes in them or are seen by a fairly large group of to have those themes, will undoubtedly be cast as part of them.

This is what I don’t get. Why label everything as “emo” that has some level of fustration or a tinge of “teenage” rock when there are perfectly good examples of more suitable ones from widely-regarded “metalhead” bands and artists. Emo means guys like Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Avenged Sevenfold, Theory of a Deadman, 12 Stones and other ones like them. “Proper”, “hard metal” artists like Slipknot, System of a Down, Bullet For My Valentine and Disturbed could easily been seen as bands that are also “emo” in nature, due to their common themes of anger and blues and hate and so on.

God forbid, bands like Default, Pearl Jam, Alter Bridge become labeled like this as well. Thing is, though, guys like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains and Nirvana still remain relatively ok-ish while straight-to-the-point rock artists like Default are grouped into the “emo” cloud. It’s… astounding. It seems people really, really don’t know what emo acutally means? Does anyone know? Do I even know what “emo” is? Well, if any band who uses themes, styles or whatever that are attributed as being part of the mind boggle that is the “emo genre acutally makes songs that aren’t so much like what they’re made out to be, then they’ll still be made out to be like that anyway.

It’s just a thought, really, but there is a truth that anything that the majority doesn’t like will pretty much be outcasted as “alternative” or worse, “Radio Zero” (my own coinage- heh heh). A song might sound like it could be “emo”, especially if some annoying lay-about 14-15 yr old is listening to it on the bus, but not all songs are like that and not all bands can be classed as that. In fact, I’m gonna go listen to some rock now and it’s Default and it’s the song Throw It All Away- and if that’s “emo”, then I surely don’t want to know what isn’t “emo”…


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