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Posted in dexjackson,Expression by dexjackson on 04/10/2009

Date: 04/10/2009
Author: dexjackson
Wiseass Thinkers

What is this thing with the whole American thing and the spirit that encompasses the lazy, chilled lie-downs in the parks, a picnic with a few good friends and some baseball match going on at the field. The green trees slowly turning orange and yellow — with some turning a lovely, verivous red — and then a breeze in the air coolling you down to a summer lounge in the beat of some Soft Rock echoing gently from the stereo you or a friend brought along to the glorious day of sunshine that you find becomes so peaceful and envirgorating that you just end up like jelly to the good vibe of it all.

It’s some seriously good stuff. Now, I know there’ll be people that’ll be thinking, “well, this ain’t the OC, man” and “that stuff only happens in fantasy”. Well, the latter is partially right. I haven’t been to the park with friends recently, so I might organise that at some point — which would be lovely, but that is besides the point. The point is that there’s a certain “feeling” to the Orange County, summer breeze, easy chilling way of it all that is quite… well, pleasant to be honest. And frankly, I think that’s just grand.

Listening to the American 90’s classics in rock like Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life” (even though the lyrics are really dirty), Matchbox Twenty’s “3 A.M.”, Sugar Ray’s “Fly”, 3 Doors Down’s “Be Like That” and maybe even Barenaked Ladies’s (lovely name, don’t you think?) “One Week”- with that last being the one everyone remembers for being the “chickty chici, chinese chicken” song. It’s all a bit too bright and sunny for the generally grey and overcast days that normally show up, but when the sun’s out and it’s all good music with a few choice tunes, then it’s all good pretty much.

Food. Drink. And treats, too. Three of the necessary things — although those on a “just don’t eat anything filling” diet can omit the latter — for a good, if not great picnic as well. If you’re lazy, then maybe something at the cafe in the park. Either way, though, you want yourself a vairety of foods, Chicken wings, salad, flatbread, some fruit, scotch eggs and whatever else stuffs you silly. Drink: for sure some lemonade and some cola and maybe a jigger of the old “Irish Water” for keeps, you see- heh heh. And dessert would be whatever you would have, but I’d defintely see if I could get some Fudge Cake with some slightly melted Ice Cream stored in a very chilled ice bag.

All this stuff. It all makes up a wonderful, sunny day with much fun and whimsy for those who want to make it so. Maybe it’s all that music, or the kind of feel of seeing the parks with all types of people in them? Maybe it’s the whole college/university thing about it that makes it so appealing? Or it could simply be that a good day is a good day. It’s all-American and none of the American imitation stuff, neither. The sun beaming down on you, keeping you bronze and healthy-looking. The clear, vanilla blue sky, with wispy puffs of water formed into clouds. Excellent stuff. Good for the heart, mind, body and soul. Definitely, this thing is an American thing.


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