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A bit too much Facebook

Date: 26/09/2009
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers
Short Thought

Image taken from http://www.uis.edu/

Image taken from http://www.uis.edu/

Ok, ok. So, “Facebook” is a bit of silly name. I mean, you’re not going to literally put your face in a book- although considering the kinds of people who use these soc-nets, I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyhow, yesterday I was in the process of writing up some more of an assignment handed to me during the lecture, when I saw an acquaintance in the lecture sitting next to me log on onto Facebook. Now, I know full well that this is normal to hundreds of thousands of young teenagers to those “classed” as young adults and that it’s all too common. Except, this person next to me – who I had a good laugh about it with – logged on and stayed on ever single lesson.

Now, I know that it’s important to network in many forms. From simple talking to a heated forum discussion; hitting the town to get some numbers and contacts, even as far as to ignore requests from a fellow transatlantic ally to discuss matters and then simply have a “walk ‘n’ talk” in the kitchen and out into the garden. However, I’ve never really understood soc-nets as being a tool for networking with others, simply because in the end – at least, to me – they are a waste of your time. Even Bill Gates backs this up with Facebook and the like- unfortunately, having no previous knowledge “at all” about their sponsorship of Facebook in the first place.

When I look at it, stripped down to its bare parts, all I see is really an online poster board with a few add-ons like an IM feature and mini-game thingys. I really don’t see the appeal in continually updating something like that- although with this blog, that’s an entirely different matter anyhow. You’re only really just saying what you’re doing in the last or even next five minutes, anyway. It also interferes with your work quite badly too and I’m sure any new Uni students this year will be having to shed that behaviour rapidly. But in any case, I think there can be times where someone can have a bit too much Facebook and all that. If you really want to continually update complete strangers on the web of your status, then I think it’s time to let it go a bit.


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