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Armbands and Sex: Learning the forbidden way too early

Date: 18/09/2009
Author: dexjackson
WiseAss Thinkers

Something got me thinking a bit today. Well, duh, this is WiseAss Thinkers, so I’m always thinking. However, what piqued my interest today was not so much the fact of some humorous encounter, nor was it the fact of a story or amusing anecdote I might have heard. No… well, it was something I heard, but it wasn’t funny. Actually, it wasn’t even something to smile at. It was a little disturbing and quite odd to hear on a public bus ride while I was on my commute. And that thing was: Sex Armbands.

No, I’m probably quite late to this whole new fad- in fact, I’m fairly sure I am. Thing is, I’ve never actually heard of anything quite this weird in a while. I mean, I’m the Prince of Madness and xercies – the other guy on this blog – is the Acolyte of Oddity, but come on! Now, maybe I should explain what this whole thing is. Essentially, from what I heard on the bus ride, you take a full selection of armbands – like the ones you get from the charities – which are of different colours: ranging from red, green, dark blue, pink and then some more. Now, you might think what do charity-like looking bands have to do with the “sex” part in the title? Well, for every band there is, there is sex move or record you have to have done or hold successfully, respective of both. Now, here’s the catch: these were 10-12 yr olds speaking about this like it was a normal thing!

Now, I’m not a neo-conservative, bible-wielding, chastity-encouraging, uptight son of gun; but at some point, isn’t there a line where kids should and should not know about certain things in life? Particularly where some of the things they were talking about are technically illegal- and to make a very nasty joke, would send a “certain child-liking” type of person over the moon to hear. I don’t want to sound prudish here – which I suppose I am, but anyway – and I know that the time that kids learn the stuff of life and how the bits and bobs work is pretty much always becoming ever younger. Even so, some of the stuff those kids said, bear in mind that this was “broadcasted” over the bus for all to hear, was pretty shocking- if I’m going to be honest. I mean, I’ve all well and learned much of the stuff they were talking about at pretty much around my later years in High School, but these kids know about it at bloody 11! I can’t imagine what kind of stuff they’ve seen at that very fragile age.

Again, I stress that I am not saying that this entirely a bad thing- although I would say it does merit that statement. However, when you have kids learning about the stuff like “rimjobs” and “gagging” at an age such as that: you know there is something deeply wrong with the world. A preteen’s brain is neither equipped nor mature enough to understand these things and we know it as truth. I know that pretty much all of my generation learned about the stuff we know through porn websites and all that- which is not really the best way to learn it at all. The thing is: how is a kid going to know the difference between a video or picture of acted rape porn and acted consensual porn?

In the end, though, we all learn about this stuff at some point. Some at, unfortunately, at really early ages – we’re talking 4-8 or so here – and others at what would be considered more appropriate ages of around 14-16. Even so, kids aren’t just learning this stuff; they’re carrying it out too. Look at the case of the 13 yr old who’s now fathering a child with a girl two years his senior, or the 6 yr old girl in India who was rapped by a boy her same age (no link to the news story- apologies). It’s an unfortunate side-effect of this ever increasingly sexualised world we live in. Even the most liberal or people would find cases like the above discouraging. Still, the more screwed up in the heads the newest crop of budding, young teens are: the more likely that we’ll learn from out mistakes to stop this happening to newer generations to come- if we can at all by then…


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