WiseAss Thinkers

The Rise of Action, The Death of Everything Else

Date: 16/09/09

Author: Xercies

WiseAss Thinkers

Ever since the success of consoles like the Xbox and Xbox 360 with their action games like Halo and Gears of War I have noticed something changing to the Gaming Industry pretty much everywhere in the way games are advertised and play now a days. It kind of disturbs me and that change is that a lot of stuff is mostly singling on action and killing people. There is pretty much no room for slower or strategic games in this marketplace any more it seems. That saddens me.

What led me up to this thought is the recent Dragon Age trailers which are horrible in every sense; it features a horrible rock song backing made by Marilyn Manson, focuses on sex and action, and has horrible blood splatters. What makes me curious is that from hearing previews this sounds like a hardcore RPG not the action and sex crazed from the trailers, it seems hardcore RPGs can’t be advertised as they used to be you know on their hardcore RPG merits but they have to get the sex and blood guys in it because that’s the only thing that sells. But it doesn’t just stop at Dragon Age a lot of RPGs have changed to more of an Action RPG feel instead of an actual RPG feel, Bioware who used to make the Hardcore RPG series Baldurs Gate now makes the RPG lite Gun heavy Mass Effect. Obsedian another “Hardcore RPG” Maker is now making Alpha Protocol which seems to be heavy on the action. It seems RPGs as they used to be are pretty much dead and must go through to be Action games with light RPG elements.

Its not just RPGs that seem to be changing in this new action focused gaming world, real time strategy games seem to be changing as well. You would think that with the name strategy in the title of its genre it would be safe but it seems not. A few RTS games are coming out completely changing what the Genre feels like and giving it a more action and a lot of companies seem to be following; games like World and Conflict which does away with making a base and just has you sending men at the enemy and replenishing them, and Dawn of War 2 which gives you a small squad to go through various missions and kill aliens. This has made even hardcore RTS series Command and Conquer change it up and follow these guys pretty much taking the strategy away from the genres title and putting a A instead denoting Action.

Also a lot of miscellaneous things like there are definitely more First Person and third person shooters coming out instead of other genres. The trailers of games are also changing focusing on the action more then anything else, it seems you can’t advertise anything else. You must advertise action otherwise your game doesn’t get sold. I fear that this will only continue and it will get even rarer to find a game not based on shooting people. I like shooting people sometimes but I also like doing other things.


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