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The Villains Are Always Right

Posted in Analysis,Opinion,Society,xercies by xercies on 13/09/2009
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Date: 13/09/09

Author: Xercies

WiseAss Thinkers

Ever since I was young I have been more fascinated by the villains in films, books, and TV series and this may make me a psychopath but I liked them more. They were always more complicated then the heroes who all seemed to be these pretty boys who could do no wrong, the villains on the other hand went down a dark path and now they want to kill people and you wonder what happened to them to make them see that as the right thing to do. Also a lot of times they usually say the truth even though the heroes don’t want to hear about it.

The more stereotype villains are the ones with white cats and want to take over the world, even them have a point sometimes. A lot of them want to take over the world because they want to make the world into a better place or they want to wipe out humanity and they’ve got a point as well. We have ruined this earth and made extinct so many animals, cut down rainforests, and killed each other over land. But there are certain villains that aren’t stereotypes that are uncannily correct in their assessment.

Lex Luthor is one that you wouldn’t think of, he seems to be a pure capitalist bad guy and just wants to kill Superman instead of using his brain to help people. But to him killing Superman is helping the people, because he fears that Superman is making people lazy not saving themselves and not even bothering going forward in technology because they have Superman to save them. Most technology is created because we have needed it the most. He also sees Superman as making us Humans feel small and insignificant but he believes that we can do great things. That is why he hates Superman so much and I have to agree with him.

The Joker is a famous example of someone who is so crazy but whenever he speaks you just can’t help but agree with his crazy ways. He feels that the Human values and rules are all false and that we are just still basically animals on the inside waiting to get out. He also says that anyone can be broken and be made a criminal if they get a bad day, basically saying that everyone is on a knife edge easily pushed off of it. The thing he does in The Dark Knight where he puts the detonators of the bombs on the boat, I feel that the people on the civilian boat would have no qualms killing the people on the prison boat.

As you can see even though they do terrible things some of these guys thought processes have seen the side of humans that we do not want to see and they are correct in their assessment. I think we should listen to these villains since they say something about us and they are usually ourselves. The Hero is to perfect to be us, we always fantasise about being the hero but to be honest we would always be the villain in the piece because we will never achieve that perfection and it might be destructive if we try.


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