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Hell: The Clothes Shopping Variety

Posted in dexjackson,Opinion,Shopping by dexjackson on 03/09/2009
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Date: 03/09/2009
Author: dexjackson
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As any man or older boy knows, shopping for clothes is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. For a woman – and this is NOT a generalisation – it’s an easier thing to do, by which they just oogle at the clothes on offer or display – whatever they may be – and then proceed to find the same one in a different colour or size. For a man, however, it can be more troubling. Instead of being able to oogle at it all, if we want to find something that is our style – and not that tracksuit and hoodie combination that we as men all hold dear when we can’t be bothered to dress properly, then we have look, no, track down something that will last us awhile- and not run us out of our greens. The problem is… why do all the clothes seems to have all these “bright” and “exciting” colours and that they’re never really what you’re looking for but you’ll but get them anyway?

From one end to another until the right fit has been found. Great...

From one end to another until the right fit has been found. Great...

I would imagine by the title, that about 4/5 of readers would have left by now in disgruntlement and an irritated state. Well, that’s what I kinda feel looking the right shirt for that little thing I have to go to, or that pair of very nice trousers to show off to all the others that I am the real James Bond- which, in fact, I’m not and will probably never will be. The thing I’ve found is that finding the right items of clothing can be a bit of a bugger. Oh sure, all those hip and trendy guys wearing all those trilby hats and 3/4 lengths back in the summer may look the part, but when it comes to a good, decent bit of cloth goods, they don’t last- and they certainly don’t look good on those 30-something yr olds trying hold back on to their youth. I end up having to trail the mall or high street looking something with a bit of a statement which doesn’t cost me a mint and will last me a good while before having to do the damm deed again. Huh; and the clothes I do end up picking up to have a look at are partially what I’m looking for are quite the fair bit of the orange notes- and they’re not even designer!

Having to search for 10-15 mins for a good piece can be "face-scrunching"...

Having to search for 10-15 mins for a good piece can be "face-scrunching"...

And the even bigger worry, that haunts all men inside – and no, you can’t deny this, is the chance that the piece of clothing you want, be it a shirt, coat, cardigan or trousers, does not fit your rather fitting waist. But, your body was one of an Adonis, surely? Well, tell that to the server, next time you’re out and decide to have large slice of Chocolate Fudge Cake- mmmm, maybe one more size up won’t hurt. Okay, so this all goes a long way to making the point that I “don’t” like clothes shopping that much. When I’ve managed to pick up a few items, however, then I do like it- and I’m sure it’s like that for a fair few other guys as well. In the end, it’s all well and good- otherwise, you’d have no shirt on your back at all! Sometimes, however, it can take forever to find a good jacket that looks good and fits. Oh well, at least I got a nice Bomber/Leather Jacket out of it last time I went on the damm excursion- which, incidentally, was today…


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