WiseAss Thinkers

Studios Killed The Indie Star

Author: Xercies

Date: 31/08/09

WiseAss Thinkers

I recently watched Moon this week which is a great little indie film directed by Duncan Jones and the main actor in it is Sam Rockwell. I’m not talking about the film in this article but I do have to say I recommend it whole heartedly. Anyway to watch this film I had to go to a 9:00 clock showing which is the only thing they had over 4 days or something like that. It actually surprised me that my cinema got it at all, usually with these films you have to go to London to watch them. And this got me thinking in how Indie Films aren’t really been catered to anyone without going through many hoops, and that’s just the ones that go to cinema. There are many that interest me that don’t actually get into the cinema or on DVD and it gets tough not to go to any more disrespectful means to watch them even if I can watch them there.

Why is it annoying? Well some of these films are so original and so great that they really have to be seen as many people as possible, these films have more creativity in one scene then Hollywood’s blockbusters. The problem? Money. You have no idea how much it costs to get even one cinema in one screen it costs anywhere up towards £20,000 not much when you see it but an indie developer probably has that much for his whole film budget let alone just getting it out there. So must Indie filmakers either go for major cities like London or don’t distribute at all unless on there website. This means you can miss some of the best indie films.

The thing is there’s things people could do…Cinemas could take down the cost a bit for these shows, I’m sure they will get enough profit from it. The Moon showing we went to was packed. They also could use some of there lesser used screens, My local Cinema has 8 screens, Only 4 of them seem to be used from just curiously going to the cinema quite a number of times and seeing lights not on in certain wings and only going to the same screen for bigger releases. If its empty space its costing you money for no reason, so for those cinemas could put some of these indie movies in. Maybe have publishers get in on some indie directors, The newly released District 9 had an Indie developer get Peter Jackson publishing his movie around the world because he liked it so much.

But no, the films are run by the studios, studios pay more money so screening is going to be expensive since cinemas are used to studios splashing out at them. I really fear that many people are missing out including the film makers. I know I’ve pirated many indie films just because I couldn’t find a way to see them since they seemed to be no where or they seemed to be to far away. I saw one film I had to go to Birmingham just to see it. Now is that right/ No I don’t think so, its making cinema just a artless soulless business.


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