WiseAss Thinkers

Fear Taking Our Liberties

Author: Xercies

Date: 15/08/2009

WiseAss Thinkers

You know ever since 9/11 there’s been this fear that another terrorist attack like that one is going to come about. Another one has in the form of 7/7 but except for that not really that much. But you wouldn’t think that if you listen to the government, they believe or want you to believe that another terrorist attack could come at anytime. So they put up CCTV cameras, they make sure they read your emails, and they stop and search you for no reason. You see this fear of terrorists have taken our liberties away, and to be honest you’re letting them.

George Orwell made a little book talking about this; it talked about a government watching its own citizens in their homes, in the streets, and in their work place. The reason they said they had to be because Revolutionaries were hiding everywhere and they had to keep people safe. Children were told to spy on their parents to see if they were harbouring and ill will to the government, and of course the government pretended a war was going on to keep people poor and have rations. It was called 1984 and it warned of everything that has already happened. It seems some people use 1984 as a blueprint though.

Big Brother Is Watching You

Big Brother Is Watching You

A lot of legislation in this country has come about after the incident in 9/11 this includes; the 42 day detention without charge, the Ripper laws which allows police officers spy on people without them knowing, the CCTV act which allows many cameras to go onto roads and pavements, the extradition act which allows people to be deported to America without any real grounds to do it, and many many more.  These laws all break our human rights, but other stuff has happened that isn’t in legislation but are worrying. Protestors have been saying for a number of years that police are getting more and more militant to them; stopping and searching them for no reason, recording them even when they don’t want to be recorded, police stopping them going to the protest, and even physical violence. I think nearly everyone has seen what happened at the G20 protests, some people say that was only at that protest because it was so big and police were disorganized, but if you hear from some protestors the things at the G20 protest are actually very common at other protests as well.

An example of Police Brutality at the G20 Protests

An example of Police Brutality at the G20 Protests

It seems that the government is using terrorism like a medallion swinging side to side so we are under hypnosis in front of their legislation. With this legislation we are becoming the police state that Orwell feared about in his book. The only way we can counteract this is to see what the government is doing, to fight it with every breath we have. We may be afraid of terrorism but we can’t let that take the human rights we fought so much and lost our lives for. If we do the terrorists would have won.


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