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Damm… Getting shot in the Wastes is not good!

Posted in Analysis,dexjackson,Expression,Gaming by dexjackson on 13/08/2009

Author: dexjackson

Date: 13/08/2009

WiseAss Thinkers

I‘ve learnt something today. That lesson is: DON’T get shot! Now, this might be like… I don’t know, common sense maybe? However, when has common sense ever stepped into help us out? Oh wait…oh yeah, nevermind. Now, away from my ramblings about common sense, the lesson of not getting shot has been taught to me time and time again in my latest play of Fallout 3. Now, Gamers who remember and, indeed, are playing the beloved mainstream classic iteration of this series, will no doubt know that getting shot just means popping a Stimpack in the old veins and just keep on blasting with that Laser Rifle or Combat Shotgun- whatever keeps you from eaten alive by some mutated bear. Wrong. The reason it’s wrong? Modding. Let me explain further…

Ah, to be safe and sound in the walled colony of Megaton

Ah, to be safe and sound in the walled colony of Megaton

Now, my first time playing Fallout 3 was, I admit, just plain “America is teh bestz” awesome. However, a good few hours in and, even though I had many more quests and half of the main story to finish off, I found that I was endlessly going from ruin to ruin, wreck to wreck and sewer to sewer, blasting round after round into dozens of Raiders and then later, Super Mutants in the hundreds- all without taking more than one flesh wound at any one time. I found this ridiculous, to be quite frank. I was popping, what was essentially steroids and morphine, into my avatar’s body with handy one-use needles like there was no drug mules stopping in at the nearest Jet den until new week. Nothing hurt, so I wanted to make it hurt. And in the last few days, I have done just that. Now, thanks to a bit searching on the web, several downloads and wasting a few hours I could have spent programming, I managed to acquire and apply a fair few add-ons to my copy of the frankly boorish mid-level game I had played to completion before.

Now, I must say, I thought the Wasteland was pretty harsh to begin with, but after playing for a couple of hours in my newly modded version of the game, I can say with certainty that the playthrough I did last time was just a milkrun compared to this bullet-ridden, blood-soaked, explosive minefield of death. I never really knew what it was like to run and hide every time a shot was fired, even from – what many would consider – a small little pea-shooter. It was a damn .38 revolver; and yet taking just two – maybe three if I was lucky – pieces of rotten, radiated lead from it was enough to end my adventures in the Wastes for good. I played through last time, dealing death indiscriminately to all who opposed me, tried to rob me or even so petty as to insult my very “noble and respectful character”- read: hard-boiled mercenary with whole heap of guns, ready to obliterate any would-be assaulter of my person. Now… now anyone who even looks at me funny has already gotta 5:1 advantage on me if I’m not quick enough.

Even in death, humour can still be found...

Even in death, humour can still be found...

I‘m checking my back in hostile territory virtually every five seconds. Light steps are not just a useful ally, they are a god-send in this hellish nightmare I have modded my way into. Gung-ho is never, EVER, an option now. Cover is just a means for a few more seconds of life when you’re dealing Raiders ganging up on you every half mile you tread. That’s right. Not just every two, maybe four miles do I have to unfortunate disposition of being attacked by stinking, vile, scummy bandits. It’s every…freaking…half-mile. Or it sure feels that way. And, you know what? I actually, genuinely, like it that way. No more popping a couple of well-placed caps in the asses of some punk kid coming at me with a Tire Iron and then charging into his posse with an automatic. I now, literally, have to watch every step, keep as quiet as a mouse as I’m sneaking through the ruins of houses, watch my six every time I’m near a hostile encampment and keep my pistol readied for any sudden sign that combat is coming up. Some of you reading this article may think I’m mad and should keep off the realism for while, but it’s genuinely fun and terrifying when your avatar’s arm and leg have been crippled and you’re on your last stand to fend off all threats.

Scenes like this can make a guy anxious... who knows what could be in ruined mall?

Scenes like this can make a guy anxious... who knows what could be in ruined mall?

Now, I haven’t made it to the DC part of the game yet. The ruins of the once great pre-war metropolis of Washington DC will, undoubtedly, be harder than Tonka tough steel to break through, but I’m really looking forward to it! The Super Mutant infestation of the DC ruins used to be, at best, a trivial shooter session. Now… now I’ll be running for cover any time I hear one of them fire off a round from their surprisingly easy-to-get-hold-of Miniguns. It should also be noted that the Wasteland now looks absolutely stunning, thanks to a few “beauty” mods I’ve applied to game. The encounters I face have now been made more interesting and worth playing, due to the various characteristics of the characters being altered on a semi-random basis. It’s even almost pitch dark now at night, so that torch on my Pip-Boy is coming in very handy indeed! The question must be asked though: Why didn’t the developers make it this brilliant in the first place? Still, this is a hardcore experience. I doubt very much that your average Gamer would have the patience to make every shot count as they make their journey across the Wastes. You know what? I might just go back and play it now. Wish me luck…

INFO: The mods I installed and am still using – as they are so good – are:

Darker Nights by Xepha, Clear Skies by bentalbot, Enhanced Night Sky by CptJoker71, Fallout Street Lights by SpeedyB64, Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder, Sprint Mod by Lork, Locational Damage by mefiu, Largely Increased Damage by Crackler, Darkuther1986_More_damage by Darkuther1986, XFO — Xodaraps Fallout Overhaul by Xodarap777 and last but not least, the Fallout mod manager by Timeslip and the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch by Quarn


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