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dexjackson’s Top 5 most intelligent avatars in gaming

Posted in dexjackson,Gaming,Opinion,Top List by dexjackson on 06/08/2009
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Sane here, bordering on insane next week

Sane here, bordering on insane next week


Name: Jack Walters
Game: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of The Earth

This guy, a Mr. Jack Walters, is a real smart man. There are times in the decent and underrated classic Shooter/Stealth Adventure game, Call of Cthulhu, in which I found myself thinking: “How the hell has he survived so far!” I’ll tell you how he survives until the game’s close. It’s simply because he is a brain-smart, no-nonsense, cynical, competent private detective, who ends up becoming the most knowledgeable person on the Cthulhu Mythos and the many horrors stemming from the tome that are scarily real and none too friendly with him. Thorough investigation of his surroundings, his skill with guns and sheer determination to get to the bottom of the Lovecraftian conspiracy that drives on at him, he makes it through thick and thin, in every challenge and obstacle that  is presented to him and that he has to overcome. He’s an intelligent guy, don’t underestimate him.

He may be small, but he packs a good psychic punch!

He may be small, but he packs a good psychic punch!

Name: Razputin
Game: Psychonauts

Razputin. If there was a name that couldn’t be more ambiguous in it’s actual meaning, relating to one of the world’s most successful sexual deviant, suspected vampire and professed psychic, then I don’t know what “ambiguous” means. Actually, I do, but let’s pretend I don’t. Anyway, this little psychic tiger is one of the more intriguing and interesting characters I’ve come across in ages. His meticulous crafting by the “eccentric” Tim Schafer as a computer game character paid off well. Razputin comes off as a quirky, inquisitive, bright and unashamedly enthusiastic and well-to-do kid, which in classic LucasArts adventure game style, leads him on a series of exciting adventures and escapades, to both find out more about him and the psychic powers within him and eventually unravel and stop the conspiracy that threatens all of his psychic kin and kind. What a good kid.

Getting the drop on the guards in their own home

Getting the drop on the guards in their own home

Name: Richard B. Riddick
Game: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

Riddick is one of the more mysterious characters in the darker realms of Sci-Fi and Horror. Trademarked for his assertive and constantly hard-line and antagonistic behaviour and stance on life, he is reputed throughout his universe, particularly in the prison systems, for being a murderous psychopath who is dangerous beyond belief- and a cold one at that too. This never always comes across, though, that he “is” that guy who could kill without a second thought- which he could, but let’s not dwell on that. Amazingly – and unsurprisingly, due to his fitness, finesse in combat and adept stealth moves, Riddick shows an admirable amount of cunning and intelligence when dealing with others, as well as an understanding of others that is rarely shown by others, allowing him to know when someone’s of use and when they’re nothing more than a new kill to add to his massive list. He could kill you quick, manipulate you easy; in fact, he’s a maverick almost. Don’t mess with him.

Don't mess with this Fella!

Don't mess with this Fella!

Name: Tommy Angelo
Game: Mafia

Angelo. Tommy Angelo. One of the more respected and renown made men in the Salieri family of New Heaven somewhere in New England. An honest man and hard-working, Mr. Angelo and Tom to his friends, is one of the shining members of the family and is a constant thorn in the backside to any of its enemies. He’s efficient, resourceful; a sharp guy and knows his stuff well. He’s also got ethics and morals, something that many gangsters of his era – being the 1930’s – had in very short supply. When it comes to it, Tommy can be ruthless, defending both himself and his close buddies in the family, Paulie and Sam, from the onslaught of whatever trouble they may have gotten into, even if it kind of was his fault to begin with. Tommy is also a man of honour, but an honour of a more civil kind rather than that of the Mafia code, meaning that when his orders become too questionable, he “faults” to keep himself higher than that of many of his associates. A family man, a businessman and a experienced veteran of what it is and takes to be a made man in the Mafia. Tommy is a character who is, quite possibly, an unforgettable character and a real Fella.

Damm taffers trying to take me down...

Damm taffers trying to take me down...

Name: Garret
Game: Thief

Garret, Garret, Garret. If there was a finer thief in all of The City, a person more “vileish” or “sly”, even someone more mysterious and shadowy, they still wouldn’t be able to compare themselves to the skill, mastery and personality that make up and encompass Garret. Garret is a guy who could get you almost anything and get it without anyone knowing he was there on a good day. Sometimes, though, good days don’t happen for Garret, meaning he always having to escape some taffer guard or creature in order to survive till the next night or week. As a thief by trade – and a master one at that: he even broke into a bank vault at one point – he has a great understanding of The City and how it operates at night and how to blend in and carry out his job in the shadows.

Even with all the mechanisms and clever little tricks he has at his disposal, he still has to work out things with a map and notes in order to get about and do his job- more than anything any other character can say about themselves. Always being confronted with an epic challenge of himself and his skills, putting himself in immense danger and just making enough to pay the rent to his landlord; Garret is a brilliant character and unashamedly witty. He’s an intelligent guy and pretty much has been and will always be wherever his adventures take him.


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